My beloved 49ers

There has been a lot of talk lately about possible firing of head coach Mike Singletary at the end of the 2010 N.F.L season. Personaly I dont need a scapegoat for our dissmal season other than the peple who really make losses happen….. The players. Now I agree that coaching and game planning have a hand in a loss but each player knows thier assignments and its up to each individual to do thier respective jobs. Question, What happened to loyalty? In this win now or your fired present version of the N.F.L coaches jobs are constantly under scrutney. Even with the cowboys dismal season did wade phillips deserve to be thrown under the preverbial bus by owner Jerry Jones? Wade Phillips didnt drop a single pass this year nor did he miss a single tackle but his players non-performance cost him his job mid-season and I feel the same fate is in the future for Mike Singletary. The players arent playing up to the pre-season hype caused by N.F.L insiders. As a Niner fanatic I understand that we have been spoiled with football royalty #16, #80 and #8 to name a few, but lets  be realistic this is a differnent team and Joe isnt going to come and save the day, so as fans I ask that we stand behind our coach through the wins and losses and have a lil patients becaus back to back Hall of Fame qbs has’nt happend since joe and steve and will probably never happen again.

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